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Why does Bridge Of Life Church exist?   Our theme verse articulates the reason.  Through the gift of salvation in Jesus Christ, He has made us a kingdom of Priests, a set apart people so that we will live a lifestyle that gives God praise and shows others His light in us so they may desire to know Him.

       Throughout the 13 year existence of Bridge Of Life Church we have seen the mission of BOLC at home, through helping many make the choice to confess Jesus as Lord and Savior of their lives, be sanctified and baptized in the Holy Ghost.  Many have joined in the joyous union of marriage.  Marriages have been restored.  Families have been restored.  Sicknesses have been healed.  Home Going celebrations have been given.  Souls have been set free of addictions.  Souls who have had deep wounds of grief from tragedy have been comforted and many who were in bondage from difficult life circumstances have crossed barriers and found freedom in Christ to live that abundant life.  BOLC exists to “Be a Bridge to the Future” souls that need His great hope, His joy unspeakable, His love unshakable and a faith undeniable.  Our mission for carrying the gospel to the uttermost parts of the earth has, and is still, being accomplished in Kenya, Africa.  We have been blessed to support a missionary in Kenya that reaches two other nations, Uganda and Tanzania  BOLC has assisted in building a beautiful 700 seat sanctuary, 80 bed orphanage, 130 student school and a wonderful home for missionaries Benjamin and Christine Nakuku.  All of this at home and afar has been made possible because each of you have chosen to be faithful followers and generous givers of your time, resources and love to BOLC.


Our Vision for the future of BOLC is to multiply all that has been done, many times over, in many more lives.  In order for this to be accomplished we will need much more space.  The future of many souls depends upon us “Being that Bridge” of hope for the present and future.  Our existing ministries that help fulfill this call (seniors ministry, adult discipleship, men and women ministries, student ministries, children ministries) need more space to accommodate God’s current growth and expected future growth.  Our vision is to build a new sanctuary for the increase in souls and to expand current areas for all the needs of ministry.

         The opportunities that God is creating for us are to “Be a Bridge” for souls, to touch many more with His truth, add needed additional ministries, to have and offer more resources locally, nationally and globally, for people to be involved and belong, enjoy the abundant life that God has for us, and help those in need both here and afar.  The opportunities on this journey at BOLC will create an understanding of giving principles and generosity according to God and His will being accomplished.  We will see mighty miracles of God’s promises, favor and blessings in ways that will amaze us.

Jesus says in Luke 6:38 “Give, and it shall be given back to you; good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, shall men give back to unto you.”

       The vision for the people at BOLC now and those to come will be a journey of faith by committing to giving into His kingdom.  Your reward for “Being a Bridge to the Future” will be beyond your imagination.  “Being that Bridge” will show forth the praises of Jesus Christ, who called each of us out of darkness.  You will be bringing glory to God and fulfilling His call on this church to be a marvelous light in many lives for both now and the future.

Help build the bridge for the future