BridgeWay Kids is the children's ministry at Bridge Of Life.  The ministry incorporates children from infancy to 11yrs and engages them in ways that speak directly to their young hearts.  If you are new to Bridge Of Life or are simply looking for some information about BWK, then here is the breakdown.

BridgeWay Babies / Ages 0-1

Located at back corner of fellowship hall


BridgeWay Tots / Ages 2-3

BridgeWay Park / Ages 4-11

Located to the left of main foyer



BridgeWay Kids ministry begins and ends at the same time as the regular worship services, which means that your children will go to their areas while you go to the main sanctuary to participate in worship.  Ages 2-11 participate in a worship service just for them in the Youth Center before splitting into their age appropriate areas.  Our awesome BridgeWay Kids team members then work to present the Gospel to your children in fun and creative ways.  They follow biblically based curriculum and leave BridgeWay each service with information on what they are learning so you can follow up throughout the week to reinforce their lessons.


We take safety of your children to the highest priority.  When you arrive at Bridge Of Life, you will find computerized check-in kiosks located at the entrance to the children's areas (info above on locations).  A BridgeWay Kids team member will be located at the check-in stations with a friendly smile and will be able to assist you with the check in process.  Your child's information will stay secure and once checked in, you and each child will receive 1 security sticker with matching security codes. At the end of service, simply bring your sticker with you for pickup.

For the safety of our children, only BridgeWay Kids Team Members are allowed in the children's facility area during services. Our new parents are more than welcome to take a guided tour to view the children's ministry area. We want all members of our church to have a safe worship experience.  For the additional safety of your children, the BridgeWay Kids doors will be locked 15 minutes after the start of service.  If you need to pickup your child prior to the end of service there is a doorbell located outside the centers entrance.  Please ring it and allow for a BridgeWay Kids Team member to assist you with your needs.


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